Create Joy.

This season of your life should be sweet, not stressful. Let A Lark Creation help! From reading through your vendor contracts to bustling your wedding dress, we want to be there for you through the entire process.



Amazing! DANA IS GREAT! Dana was by far the best money spent on the wedding and the best decision made other than my new handsome hubby. She was professional, realistic, and able to keep me calm during stressful times which are certain to arise. She was sweet and was able to keep vendors, and family in check. She was always there when needed, the came up with solutions to problems that I hadn't even thought about yet.

I can't express enough how wonderful she was. Any bride who choose another event planner would be doing their self a disservice. I found her through her blog by complete accident. I had my wedding planning 80% complete at the time. I wish I would have found her sooner, and I would have a couple better decisions.