Perfect Game Night

Family game night

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I married a nerd. As my posts regularly continue, that will become more and more evident. With that being said, he is a fan of table top and virtual games. He has introduced me to many new genres of table top games. For his birthday, I orchestrated a game night with his friends that are living too far away to visit regularly.

What makes the perfect game night? Naturally, I'll say you need to have a plan. At least a basic guideline with possible number of guests to ensure enough food/drinks.

No game night is complete without, well, games! You should have a variety of table top games. From the classics I grew up with, such as Monopoly and Scrabble, to his strategy-filled deck building card games, such as Legendary. The latter are my husband's favorites. He shows no mercy! He is also a big fan of Magic the Gathering. (To each their own ;))

Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

Next up is food. I noticed with my original internet search there were a lot of Chex Mix party mix options. Though good, I had another idea in mind. Some of the people invited were traveling from Raleigh, NC. My husband graduated from NC State. While there he discovered (and fell in love with) the Stoner Pie. This monstrous pizza is only sold in Raleigh. I have two friends bringing them to ensure he gets more than enough. There will also be Hormel meat and cheese trays, pretzels, chips, and salsa.

With any social gathering I am adamant about having some sort of background noise, whether music or television. No matter the group size, it never fails an occasional long silence happens. To minimize that, have good music!

Good music ties with having a group of fun (table top game-loving) people. If you plan to host a game night with people that don't get excited about the thought of strategic planning to eliminate your opponents. In college, my husband participated in a board game group that met every Saturday playing games ALL day long and no one ever got bored.

The game night is officially tomorrow. He's getting excited, it is rare that everyone can get together (silly adult schedules!). Happy birthday to him!

What elements do you include in your game nights?