Bramabella Vineyards

10845943_602874406502752_5592402505097512126_nTonight I want to share a Wilkes county gem for weddings, receptions, and bridal luncheons, Bramabella Vineyards! My car has decided it needed a break this week so I was unable tovisit in person, however, I have combed through their website. As soon as my mommy car is better I will be visiting. I cannot wait to see this property with the changing leaves!


Owner, Pietros Maneos, only recently (within the last year) opened Bramabella to the public for weddings and other social events on the property. Taken directly from their website.... The property is a 40 acre estate comprised of 800 wine vines, a black truffle orchard, 300 blueberry bushes, numerous apple trees and a stream with dramatic waterfalls. The term Bramabella is a conflation of the Italian words, Bramare (To yearn for) and Bella (Beauty), so the English translation is ‘To yearn for beauty’. Bramabella serves as an elegant outdoor wedding venue catering to brides who are looking for a ‘Garden of Eden’ look.

10361342_675712505885608_8787068972464683582_n  For Saturday weddings, the price is $1500, which includes the rehearsal dinner the evening before as well as access to the property all day on Saturday for the ceremony and reception.