2015 Reflection

As I look back on the year so much as changed, more than I thought would happen (thankfully mostly in a good way). I stopped doing "resolutions" about 5 years ago, instead I choose a word that I want to focus on. 2015 was all about communication. I wanted to better communicate with the Lord through prayer and scripture study, I wanted to keep in touch a lot more with my friends and family, and I wanted to work on teaching my son to communicate as he grew up. Overall, I think I have made improvements but will continue to work on it.

2015 was filled with so many happy memories like:

My husband and I buying our first home and moving closer to his job (hello, short commute! Making new friends and building better relationships with old ones Our little man learned to walk this year He also can talk in his own little jibberish-filled way We paid of 3 of our debts, enjoying a little wiggle room in our budget finally I started A Lark Creation, an event planning company happily creating fun in the Carolina's We bought a "new" car I received a calling at church serving the ladies of our ward My sisters and I did an impromptu zoo trip (looking forward to more of those!)

As most years that go by, it was also filled with some sadness...we lost my uncle over the summer and in November miscarried our second baby. They will both be deeply missed and never forgotten from our hearts.

I am still considering what word I want to focus on next year and my A Lark Creation goals. I look forward to what lies ahead and grateful for having my husband and little man to share it with.