DIY Race Car Track

We started potty training this week! With the exception of bedtime pull ups, all traces of diaper living are gone. On top of that it is supposed to rain most of the week...not that we were going many, if any, places in order to start the potty training with a bang but now little man is trapped in the house. Leaving me to find a simple, do-it-yourself activities to entertain little man and his friend that comes over during the week who is also beginning potty training.

First up, a race car track! I scoured Pinterest and found some amazing ideas. I used some cardboard boxes that haven't made it to the burn pile yet and transformed them into an easy to "drive" course for the littles. So far they love it....READY, SET, GO!

DIY race car track

Pool noodle race car track



DIY race car track

Don't have a large home or a surplus of floor space? Make a cloth track that can roll up and be put away or go vertical, transforming a wall!

diy race car track