S'more Love

I love favors because I love the notion of giving gifts! Being able to make darling mini-presents to say “thank you” for spending the day with us, no matter what the event, is not only rewarding for you but it’s an absolute treat for your guests. Raise your hand if you are a s’mores lover! I know you can’t see my hand raised but believe me it is raised high. Everyday is the perfect day for s'mores! They are nostalgic, american, adorable and they feel like summer and taste like fall (and just about any amazing childhood memory I have). I remember making s'more by candlelight with  my childhood best friend during snow storms. We were dedicated to this wonderful treat!

Oh Lovely Day

I’m a fan of the regular old s’more as a favor. It's classic and traditional – but I’ve been enjoying finding new ways to get the flavor profile of a s'more in a non-traditional way. (S'more bark may be my favorite!)

Diary of a Fit Mommy

smore pops

S'More Pop

smore truffle